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Planishere-Northern Gold



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Planishere-Northern Gold

This is a functional planisphere coin which you can actually use to locate constellations.

Planispheres are maps of the celestial stars as seen from earth.

This is 8.25cm in diameter.

Both Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere versions are available

Trackable at with its own icon:Northern Hemisphere Coin Icon

Planisphere GeocoinPlanisphere Geocoin


How to use it:
1. Align the planisphere coin so the correct horizon name matches with the horizon you are viewing. For example: if you are looking at the northern horizon, hold the coin upside down so the name "North" meets downward with the actual northern horizon. If you are looking east, hold the coin on its side so the name "East" meets with the actual eastern horizon. The example below shows the coin rotated to match with the western horizon.

Rotating the Planisphere coin to match with the west horizon

2. Rotate the disk to match with the current day and hour.

Rotating Planisphere coin disk

3. Look at both the disk and actual sky and start correlating the constellations on the planisphere with the stars in the sky. Click on constellations to see what each abbreviation on the coin means.


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Sizefrom 45 mm


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Planishere-Northern Gold

Planishere-Northern Gold

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