11-55 August 2011
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11-55 August 2011

Newsflash nr 55, Augustus 2011

Welcome Geocachers,

In the Netherlands, there are already a couple of 10K cachers. Also for these mega cachers, we have now a Geo-achievement set. It's a new design, 24kt gold plated. A really beautiful result. Now on stock.
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Happy caching and reading,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne
Geocachingshop.nl, Geocachingshop.be, Shop4geocaching.eu 

N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064

New Geocoins

10000 find Geo-Achievement set

This set contains a 10000 Finds Geo-Achievementcoin of 44mm and a  matching Pin of 25mm.

Option: For this coin it is possible to have text engraved.


Black rose 2011 Geocoin

This is the second version of the Black Rose Geocoin series. It features translucent colors and a cut-out pattern. The phrase on the back says "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time".

Size: 50mm in diameter

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon:Black Rose 2011 Geocoin

Cache hard or die

We're please to show off a wonderful 3D rendition on the front, and some super detailed work on the back.  It's a 3D skull surrounded with some all metal detail on the front.  On the back, the old reaper floats his way across the sky.

Size: 44mm en 4mm dik

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon:Geocoin Club June 2010 Geocoin


Egyptian Key

The Ancient Egyptian /ankh/, symbolizing life, is often referred to as "the key of life". Here, the ankh forms the body of a key, its loop framed by classic lotus blossoms. The key's blade is formed by a /djed/ pillar, a mysterious object that many scholars believe represent a backbone, tying into its meaning of "stability". On the front of the key is the Middle Egyptian hieroglyphic phrase for /imnt/, or "hidden place". This is your key to the cache.
This coin comes in a black velvet pouch.

Size: 42mm x 76mm

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon:Egyptian Key Geocoin


Shooting Star Geocoin

The design was inspired by a good luck charm. They say that shooting stars represent good luck and good fortune, and if you ever get blessed with seeing one, whatever you wish upon it will come true. The designer wanted to turn it into a geocoin so that it may bring other cachers luck while they hunt for geocaches.

Size: 50mm x 35mm

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon:Shooting Star Geocoin


You can find these and other new coins at our website in New geocoins.


Specialty Geocoins
This week no new coins here, but there are still a few specialty coins available
Geocoinfest Cologne

In the weekend of august 28th, there is a Mega event in Cologne: het Geocoinfest.

We are already fully preparing for the event.
On the event, there will be an overview what we have available.
Sometimes, there a single pieces, but in many cases we have more models.
We also will have a number of unqiue editions of special coins.
We already mentioned the Area 51 GCF edition and the Iridescent dreams Geocoin (in 4 limited editions), but we also will have the Butterfly Geocoin (orange lowlands & majestic green), Troy Geocoin
(Falakrós edition) and Lotus Compass (editions Set, Osirus, Aten, Nepthys en Duat).

On our website, we have made a special Geocoinfest category. You can find which coins will become available at the Geocoinfest.

Geocoinfest editions can be found here.

Groundspeak products
Do you miss something from Groundspeak?
Did you see Groundspeak products which we don't have on our website then please contact us, so that it will come with our next shipment from Groundspeak.
Geocachingshop at Events


Augustus 2011:
On 20 augustus 2011 at the Zoek het Logboek event in Okselaar, Belgium
On 28 augustus 2011 at the Geocoinfest in Keulen, Duitsland

September 2011:
On 4 september 2011 at the MEE in Eindhoven

Oktober 2011:
Op 9 oktober 2011 staan we op het Noaber event in Hengelo (Ov.)
On 22 oktober 2011 at the Snert event in Sellingen

November 2011:
On 12 november 2011 at the OZFE  in Dronten

For more information on our presence at events, you can look at our event kalender.

Are you organising an event yourself and would you like to have the Geocachingshop present, contact us, so that we can see what the possibilities are

Do you have questions, please send an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.

Kind regards,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne


N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064


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