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Happy Birthday Geocoin - antique gold



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Happy Birthday Geocoin - antique gold

A gift for that special someone on their birthday. This coin is 42mm square and detailed designed gift to give. It is trackable on and even has an area on the back for up to two lines of etching.

  • 42 mm square
  • Hard enamel colors:  glitter, translucent, and solid colors all on one coin.
  • Trackable on
  • Has its own icon that shows on your profile when you log a find or discovery

Option: For this coin it is possible to have text engraved. The area to engrave is 25 x 8mm. We advise to engrave max. 2 lines, and per line, 1 or 2 words, otherwise the letters will be very smal.

Please add the engraving text in the option field above.

Deliverytime with engraving: 1-2 workingdays

Deliverytime with engraving: 1-2 workingdays Happy Birthday


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    * champs requis

    Fiche technique

    Size30 - 45 mm



    Deze grote en zware coin voor een vriend gekocht die ook aan geocaching doet. Hij was er erg blij mee. Het is een hele mooie coin. Op het plaatje vind ik hem minder mooi dan toen ik hem echt in mijn handen had!

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      Happy Birthday Geocoin - antique gold

      Happy Birthday Geocoin - antique gold

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