11-62 Oktober 2011
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11-62 Oktober 2011

Newsflash nr 62, Oktober 2011

Welcome Geocachers,

A week before the Halloween event, an extra newsflash with some new  coins.

The geocoins we have produced for the Halloween event are already in.
The current batch is already sold out, but we are considering a small 2nd batch for those who were too late. This batch will be available early december.  On our website, we made an option to reserve the coin.

The samples for the Gemeente race 2012 Geocoin are also in. Production has been started and we expect the coins early december.  There is still an option to make a reservation.


Our updates can be followed on Twitter: @geocachingshop and on Facebook

Happy reading,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne
Geocachingshop.nl, Geocachingshop.be, Shop4geocaching.eu 

N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064

New Geocoins
Windrose GeocoinWindrose GeocoinWindrose Geocoin This intricate design was made by team Theotokens.
On the front a beautifull designed windrose with transparant enamel. On the back a very detailed 3Dof a geocacher in the mountains. True Peace is found, in the moment.

Size: 5 cm in diameter, 3mm thick

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon:
Windrose Geocoin

Masters of the Cache II - The mummy GeocoinMaster of the CacheMaster of the Cache II

A mere 5 years after our first Masters Of The Cache came busting through the door, Mr. Chris Mackey bring us the 2nd character in this series: the mummy.  You've got this Egyptian themed masterpiece in super fine detail as the next cache guardian.  A must have for your geocoin collection.
Antique silver version.

Size: 44mm in diameter

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon:
Masters of Cache II - The Mummy Geocoin



Pirates coin: Pieces of Eight DubloonPirates - Pieces of eightPirates - Pieces of eight


Arr!  This coin be ANOTHER really cool!  Shaped edges make this pirate booty very interesting.  The fun pirate coin was arranged by one of our brand new local artists named Scott, because customers can't get enough of the Dubloon series!

Size: 45 mm in diameter, 3,5 mm thickness 

Trackable at geocaching.com with its own icon:Pirate Doubloon - Piece of Eight Geocoin


Reservation Halloween Geocoin, 2nd batchHalloween Geocoin 2012Halloween Geocoin 2012

Be aware: this is seperate from the reservations done on the event itself.
The batch will only be available by early december.



Reservation Gemeenterace 2012 GeocoinGemeenterace 2012 GeocoinGemeenterace 2012 Geocoin

For the Geocoinrace 2012 (the Gemeenterace 2012), a Geocoin has been developed.

The coin is in produktion and we expect the coins early december.

It is still possible to make a reservation for the LE or RE version.

You can find these and other coins on our website in New geocoins.

Travelbug met 4 stickerTravel bug sticker


Next to the single travelbug sticker, we have now also a set of 4 stickers with a copytag. Now you can use it for multiple cars or keep it safe if you switch cars.

Available in white.

You can find these and other travelbugs on our website in travelbugs.

Cache container and logging
PetlingsPetling set - zwarte dopPetling set - witte dop


Next to the petlings with a white cap, we have now also petlings with a somewhat wider entrance and a black cap. 
The lower part it equal to the other petlings


Nano's silver

The silver colored nano's are back on stock. Available per single or per 4 pieces.






New on our website are waterproof logsheets in several sizes.









You can find these and other cache container products.

Travel Smokey Bear

Travel Smokey Beer is gemaakt om te helpen met het voorkomen van bosbranden, want "Alleen JIJ kan voorkomen dat er bosbranden branden!"
Als avonturier en geocacher gaan we vaak de bossen in omdat caches vaak in de natuur verstopt liggen. Help bij de bescherming van deze gebieden zodat we er allemaal van kunnen genieten.
Travel Smokey the bear
Maat: 28mm in doorsnede
Trackable op geocaching.com met een eigen icoon:Smokey Bear Travel Tag


You can find these and other trackables on our website in Trackables.

Groundspeak products

Do you miss something from Groundspeak?
Did you see Groundspeak products which we don't have on our website then please contact us, so that it will come with our next shipment from Groundspeak.

Geocachingshop at Events


Oktober 2011:
On 29 oktober 2011 at the Halloween even in Belgen op Zoom, NL

November 2011:
On 12 november 2011 at the OZFE  in Dronten, NL

Maart 2012:
On 12 march we will be at the event in Hoorn (NH), NL
On 25 march we will be at the ACE event in Hengelo (GL), NL

April 2012:
On 15 april we will be at the Brugse Beer II event in Brugges, Belgium

Mei 2012:
On 20 may 2012 we will be at the Bordspelevent in Hoogvliet, NL
On 26 may 2012 we will be at the event in Kampen, NL

For more information on our presence at events, you can look at our event kalender.

Are you organising an event yourself and would you like to have the Geocachingshop present, contact us, so that we can see what the possibilities are.

Do you have questions, please send an email to: info@geocachingshop.nl.

Kind regards,

Marly and Willem-Jan Verberne


N 51 28.339, E 005 32.064


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